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I Hate You All!

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i've grown so exhausted with your feigned compassion, your pity whilst you all scorn me in your hearts.

i just want to fall on the ground, and let the corvus corax take my goddamned soul back to where it came from.

i am tired, and its time i took a long rest.

I'm sorry you all came to see me as a friend.




Staff Alumni
Hey Gabe :hug:

I'm sorry you feel that way about some of us here, but I've never feigned compassion, nor have scorned you in my heart

You're a great person ...

Stay safe :) :hug:


I don't really know you but i can tell you care enough about those that are hurting to want to help them as a Site Buddy. I've seen many a compassionate person on this site, many of them are friends of mine and support me tirelessly through my trials even though they suffer themselves, I'm sure the friends you have made here are just on the sidelines nursing their many wounds before they get onto the track with you once more.


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Gabriel, What is going on? I don't know what is happening, but I can assure you that I do care about you and what happens to you. i am sorry if you feel you are being scorned behind your back. Please talk to me Gabe. I am sorry I haven't been around much lately. Don't go. Please. Take care dear friend. :hug:


SF Friend
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Gabriel I'm sorry you feel this way. I have no scorn for you, only friendship and wishes for the best for you. :hug: :flowers: :hug:




to everyone

i doubt any apologies will sate the angst i created, nor will my actions change what i said. i'm suffering inside, and trying hard to fix myself so i can be happy.

i think of the tinman who found what he thought he had lost, and in time i will heal

thank you all for your friendship

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