I hate you math!

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    So I've recently been trying to get back into school and what not.. I've been taking practice tests and what not... well all the other ones I did great in... Then I just tried the Math one...and I have never felt so stupid in my entire life... I do the first few just fine then I get to the rest and I just end up staring at the book... I had no idea what it was even saying...

    My does math have to make me feel so stupid... I thought I was at least somewhat smart but apparently not.
  2. Perfect Melancholy

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    A little story from Rich

    My dad grew up in the north east he went to work on the railways at 16 like everyone did, he thought stuff this, went to night school and did math(s) he passed on his third, yes third attempt and went on to become an accountant for haliburton until he retired, travelling the world (and never seeing his son, but hey-ho).

    I cannot do math(s) for shit seriously and I am a business analyst so go figure.
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    I don't know I guess its all that x+y = hahahahahaha you SUCK!

    Now for the business thing... I did take business math back in high school and I could do that... but its all this other stuff that I'm not so good at.
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    aw~ well... that's what calculators are for. Get a good enough one and you won't even need to know 'bedmass' or any of the formulas because the computer will do it all for you!

    Math is difficult.
    Some people just get numbers and others just don't. That's all there is to it-- it doesn't make you stupid.
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    The only course I deserved to fail was math 10 (50%)

    It really is hard if you don't have an innate grasp of the principles.