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i hate you!

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No I'm not "ok" quit asking me and no I don't need your help!!!! You try and help but all you do is fuck things up even more.....
Yes I'm a failure but dosnt mean you need to fucking remind me every single day!!!!
No I'm not getting better and I never will I'm such a fucking waste I don't know why I don't end it now....
I hate you! I hate what you have done to my life.... You fucked everything up for me and then convinced me that's its all my fault I fail at everything! I'm such a piece of shit to you so why should I stay here to have you yell push and hit me! One day I will fight back and you will never see me again Or ill just finally give up and fully accept that I'm worthless and should leave....
You ruined the few days of the year that I actully liked.... like Christmas when you pushed me and made my arm bleed..... My birthday when you told me that my mom will die in a few years and all the other ones you have ruined by violence being high or fucking drunk!
I hope when you realize I'm gone that you know what you missed and what you have done to drive me to the end.... I hate you dad and I hope you rot....

*Sry for wasting your time and if I don't make sense....*
John, you did not waste my time and you made perfect sense. I only wish things were better between you and your dad. You are a good person. Don't let his actions convince you otherwise. Please stay safe and take care.
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