I hate you

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    I hate everything you are. I hate you to the very pit of my stomach. I hate the time you wake up in the morning. I hate anything that has to do with you.
    You make me so angry I wish I could rip your head off and shit down your neck.
    You call me things out of spite and just to make me angry, and I'm the child? I've never despised anyone more than I despise you. My fiance despises you too, possibly even more than I do. You should be ashamed of yourself as a person, doing what you did to me.
    How dare you stomp me into the ground and then grind me in with your heal after you've stomped me to a pulp. It isn't fair, your expectations of me weren't fair. I don't care if it's over to you, it will never be over to me. I will NEVER forget what you did to me. And you know what else I loathe?
    I loathe how all of our friends think NOTHING WAS WRONG. Like you didn't do anything horrible, like you're not a horrible person. You are, you're a monster, and you're bat shit insane to boot.
    It's a good thing you don't like relationships.

    I genuinely hope that everything that you hate about me and everything you put me through happens to you someday. I hope you get dumped in the most heartless way possible, I hope you get your heart broken to the point of wanting to commit suicide, I hope you try a few times only to fail and be stuck with the ongoing pain that the other one continues to dump on you, I hope they'll start giving you anti-depressants that make you sick and start sending you to a therapist. I hope someone insults you and tells you what an awful piece of worthless annoying shit you are, and makes you start to believe you are worthless and filthy and annoying and a bother to all humanity, just like you did to me. And do NOT even give me that shit "oh it's already happened many years ago" BULL. SHIT. That was NOTHING like what you did to me, like the pain you put me through, or what I felt. I want you to feel EXACTLY what I felt.

    One day, ONE day life is going to take a big fat giant dump on you, like you were to me. And you know where I'll be?

    I'll be sitting comfortably at home with my husband, laughing my fucking ass off.
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    Oh, and thats not even half of what you've done to me. Because of you, I've gone through self induced starvation, lack of sleep, and constant stomach aches.
    You sapped the life out of me for quite some time.

    I didn't deserve that.

    I may have been clingy, but thats not a good enough reason to nearly kill me.