i hate..

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    I hate the way i look
    i hate the way i talk
    i hate my dad
    i hate this place called "home"
    i hate having no friends
    i hate not being able to make friends...
    i hate being so weird
    i hate school
    i hate "them"
    i hate being looked at as a failure
    i hate failing
    i hate feeling this pain
    i hate not being able to just end it all
    i hate being such a coward
    i hate being such a fucking loser
    i hate being a asshole
    i hate wasting everyones time
    i hate being the one that gets pushed around
    i hate people who make it look like life is perfect
    i hate having to try to be the perfect child...
    i hate life
    i hate me
    :mad: :sad:
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    Hey John, justwanted you to know that if you ever need a friend to speak to just drop me a pm, I promise you that you won't be wasiting my time at all :) :hug: