I have 3 words to say about Amitriptyline

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Petal, Feb 7, 2013.

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    And they are 'WHAT THE ****'. So, I took this drug(around 7.30pm yesterday, and exactly as prescribed) for the very first time yesterday to aid sleep...so I waited for about 2 hours for it to 'work'.. then the craziest of hallucinations started, severe heart palpitations so much I was jumping out of the bed involuntarily and seizures, I was so out of it I could not remember how to ring emergency services, could not remember my log on for here. I woke up around 9.30 on the bathroom floor, no idea why I was even in there. The one night my bf isn't here, this crap happens. I went straight out to my psych and put nicely I lost all sense of reason. He hit the panic button which calls up security, so finally calmed down we talked. Now bear in mind that last week he told me this was a relatively safe drug, this week it seems his opinion on the drug has changed, now he says it is as dangerous as rohypnol. (I have taken rohypnol before -legally- and I wouldn't even put them in the same category. ) I told him you either step up to the mark as a consultant psychiatrist, or I will happy pay a private psychiatrist. Since I have a few psychiatric friends I phoned them today asked their opinion. One didn't wake til 2 days after they took it, the other was picking up flowers that weren't there while walking up a street. Is this just us or is there a much wider issue here? Anyone here any experience on it?

    All I know this is one drug going down in the books as to never ever to be taken again!!
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    I was on it hun i had no side effect really at all i use it for anxiety sorry you reacted so differently to it but now to me it was quite safe hugs to you
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    My mother has been on it for years and aside from it giving her deep sleep, no adverse effects; though she did say when she first started on it she was knocked for 6.