I have a blister and a swollen ankle...

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  1. So far I hate my new job. Yeah, money's good, but I don't know how much longer I can take it and I've only worked there three days.

    Let me elaborate on my job first:

    I work at Hudson's Dirt Cheap and not many people know what that is considering it's only a Mississippi-Louisiana-Alabama store chain. Dirt Cheap is a retail store that sells goods from stores like Sears, Macy's, etc... that have flooded, burned, gone bankrupt, or demolished by a storm.

    Example: Dirt Cheap is selling a $150.00 air conditioner that has only a damaged packaging box because a tornado ripped that store's roof off and some of the roof fell on the PACKAGING BOX. They put a 50% off mark on it for it. $75.00 now.

    They do that on EVERYTHING.

    Okay, back to the story.

    Thursday was the grand opening of the store in my town, and since then it has been packed out nonstop because everyone here loves Dirt Cheap. I went into work yesterday at 1:00 p.m. and I was put on the register immediately. So was another girl that came in the same time I did. Around 5:30 that girl took her half-hour break as required by law and I was to take mine next. I asked my manager to take mine after that girl came back and she said okay. Well, that girl's half-hour break turned into a forty-five minute break and when she got back at 6:15, I begged my manager for mine. She glanced at me and then at the girl and was said, "Alright, but only take ten and don't clock out."

    I'm still fucking furious because there were people that didn't get on the register until 4:00 p.m. and EVERYONE got off the register that night before I did. I was on the Goddamn register until 9:00 when there were people that got on it HOURS after I did. That's GOT to be illegal, right? Only a ten minute break within an eight hour period?

    Not to mention I have a fucking blister from hell on my heel and on that same foot my ankle is swollen cause I didn't let it heal properly when I sprained it last year. It swells when I don't rest it every now and then like yesterday.

    Someone please look up a link for Mississippi Labor Laws and tell me or show me what the law is on breaks within a 8 hour period. I know it has to be illegal.

    I just want to cry. My feet hurt so bad. :sad:
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    I think with any state law i think you are supposed to get a half hour break if it's 8 hours and anything over that it's an hour break. Not 100% positive though.
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    In Minnesota it's 30 min non paid for every 8 hours and also I believe 2 15 min paid breaks, I could be wrong since I cook and take breaks when ever I want :) . Also I feel for you, I have been working jobs that require eight to 10 hours of standing everyday and this has lead to my ankle being so inflamed that it's pushing tendons and ligaments out of place.

    So when your feet hurt you can do a couple of things, cold pack for 5 min then heat for 5 min and repeat The cold will dull the pain and the heat will help your body heal. Elevation is also very good put your feet up and just relax. Get a good pair of shoes, or boots here's the link of the site I use. Yeah I know they are for cooks but they have great deals, I would suggest clogs light weight and feel great on your feet.

    Keep up the good work, remember not everyone can stand and deal with customers for 8 hours, take pride that your doing something that many will never do :)