i have a great plan!

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my birthday is coming up soon and i have a perfect plan to kill myself that day. <Mod Edit>. then i will make all the arrangements for cremation and where the rest of my money will go. then on my birthday,i will <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods>. i hope that i don't wimp out cause i am a big chicken. i have no family or friends so nobody will miss me or care. the most important thing is that i will not suffer anymore. does anyone here agree that this is a great plan? i do.
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No.. Not a great plan.. It's awful when someone feels like they need to kill themselves because their life sucks that much..

What do you think happens, if you shoot yourself, and live to tell about it.. Well from someone who's made suicide attempts in the past, I never managed to succeed..

I don't know how pills are going to calm you down enough to point a gun at yourself and pull the trigger, seriously doubt that will make you feel better about it..

You know how bad that's going to hurt, you will feel it, you think you really want to do that? I understand why your feeling like a big chicken, I would too..

Where is all of your family at?? Why aren't they around?? You may not have friends at the moment but that doesn't mean you can't make any. Do you feel like the lack of having family/friends around is the reason your wanting to die??

I'll be your friend, so you can't say you don't have one now, lol.. Hope we can help you through this.. At least give us the chance to try..

How old are you going to be on your birthday??


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Theres too many of them (med-pills) and its a failure, trust me.

I guess i cant stop you for doing it cause ive been there before and it sounds mistake to even have a little 'chat' with doctor.

I think you could go on without any of these meds perfectly fine and with good health, just dont talk about suicide wit you doctor, hes going to 'crime' you like one rat, =more meds. Dont do it! Please do something, anything that you would like to do, take a trip to the other side or such, its worth it I promise you. Just dont talk about suicide, okay?:shelbi:

one thing how old are you


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Depression comes up with lots of plans - if we are feeling down then usually those plans are not nice ones - I mean - its not a picnic in the country your planning.

I feel your anger and frustration - I really do - but you cannot let depression be the casting vote on your plans.

As stated here - confessing you want to kill yourself (admitting to a plan) to the docs - could send you down a slippery slope. Hey! No matter how slippery the slope - people get back up eventually. People have have spent years in psych wards - extreme example perhaps - but nice to know that people can recover no matter how big the fall.

I've just had my birthday - I always feel like dying before my birthday - the thought of getting slippers - trying to send me a message! I'm 47 bro - I mean likely old enough to be your father - but - I see you as another man - albeit a young one.

I'm interested in other plans that you might have - plans which don't include guns and meds - your a young man and really got a life head of you although if your going through the 'darkness' right now - sure - you'll argue black is blue that you cannot SEE a future.

Well - there are lots of things in life we cannot see - radio waves - digital communication signals - certain spectrum of light - even some sounds we cannot hear.

Sometimes we want 'definite' proof - depression often dismisses all hopes and dreams and clings to the worse of reality.

If there was no hope in life - trust me - I'd be here pretending that there was. I'd have my own website pretty much calling humanity a cancer - and perhaps encouraging nations to go nuclear - dig deep for mistrusts - tap into the tribalism mindset and kill each other!

Life aint so bad mate - things happen which make even the most depressed people have some hope - and actually to be happy.

Most of all you got to open up about how you feel - set aside notions of men being the strong silent type - well - be the strong spilling his guts over the blues - kind of man - but don't push that boat out. The idea is share things - and most men who have depression find that very difficult indeed!

But - not sure how long you had this - I think its bad when your young - but only because its 'new' - I mean - for some you are just waking up to how you feel - and now its like do you keep it in or tell someone?

Tell someone! Always! That is manning up - although many an asshole with say otherwise!

So - I hope your plans can shift into better plans.

Best of luck mate.



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I know this isn't what you want to hear. But SF is pro-life, and so that's why your post was edited. We're here to support you, to give you a place to talk with people who can understand how you're feeling. But we won't ever encourage you to hurt yourself.

Here if you need someone to talk to.


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Hmm - too late to edit my post but part of it said ...

"If there was no hope in life - trust me - I'd be here pretending that there was."

It should have read...

"If there was no hope in life - trust me - I'd NOT be here pretending that there was.


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