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I have a question



I am on a generic brand of Celixa for mild to sever depression and slight anxiety. I have abused my medication to the point that it does not work properly any more. I would like to get on a stronger and better medication so that I can not be worried about OD when i am saposta take my medication. Can any one help me.?????????????


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To be honest, I'm a bit confused, you say that you abused your meds by ODing, yet you want stronger ones. Won't the temptation to OD still be there? What happens then? ODing on anti deps can be incredibly dangerous (as any OD can).

I suggest you go back to your doctor and talk to him about what is best for you. It might be that meds is not the way forward for you because of your OD history, or they might limit your prescriptions or something (that's what they do with me).


I am sorry I have confused you. But the medication make me calmer and a better person to be around. I mean yes I have come close to ODing in the past. But trust I can not ever bring myself to do that again. I hated that feeling in my system and I don't want that attention. (I never actully OD, I mean I would take 2-4 and I am saposta take on. All it has ever done to me is give a big high, Like I smoked alot of weed.) I am also seeing a counsaler now. And she is helping quit a bit. But I have disscussed this with her. And I told her that I abused my meds once befor. She thinks that it might be a good idea to get back on medication. So that I can be nice and not harm my sister. So I need to know how to ask my doctor to up my dose or to precribe me new. What do I do. I can say though that I do promise with every inch of my sole that I will never abuse percriptions meds again. I don't like the guilt that I have hanging over my head so to speak.


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Ok, right, I am with you now :)

The best way to ask your doctor for help, is to be honest. The easiest way to do that is to write down everything, in bullet point form, ie how you feel, what you do/have done, who you see, what you want from the appointment, etc and literally just hand over the list to your doctor.

He will be able to read it through, and because you have had chance to prepare it before hand, it will cover everything you want to say and get across to him.

You could also print out the post you just wrote (the one that I am responding to) and show him that, but you will also need to explain how you are feeling at the moment.

It's really good that you are having therapy, and also that you never intend to OD again, you sound like you are getting yourself on the road to being better, which is brilliant.

The best way to ask, is to be honest.

Does that help at all?

Take care


Yes It does. But I am affried to be honest. I mean I don't want to be sent away. I just want some medication so I don't lose my cool. and I am a better person to be around. I mean I need some type of medication to control my nerves because i just got a job at a nursing home. and I am going to become an LNA. I am not alowed toget mad the pt's. I hate the feel that every time i get mad i have to worrie about hitting someone or something. I am really scared about going back to the doctors. But thank you so much for your advice.


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I think going to the docs is naturally scary, but I can't see any reason why he would 'put you away'. Everyday across the world thousands of people go to the docs for depression, for meds for it, and such a minute number get admitted to hospital.

People generally are admitted to hospital when they are a significant risk to themselves or others, ie, they do not go for help, so the fact that you are going for help, is a really positive sign.

You have been on meds before, so clearly they know your problems, and if they thought you were a great risk then they would probably have acted prior to this. Keep reminding yourself that you are doing this to get better, and then explain that to your doctor. I am sure s/he will be able to hlep.

Take care of yourself and keep us updated :)

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