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ok so i have never been told i am anorexic and i an not by any meens thin, but i hate eating and will go days with out doing so, this has nothing to do with my weight, to be honest i think it stems from a desire to die more than any thing els, i just despise helping out my body in any way...i dotn like to sleep eather...but my question is, could one classify this as an eating disoreder, i also tend to binge eat as well...god i wish i could never eat again...sunstaring is sounding beter every day...the funny part is i am a chef by vocation...sweet sweet irony...


* Well, it is disordered eating * It would probably be diagnosed as an 'eating disorder not otherwise specified' because it doesn't fall into anorexic, bulimic or binge eating categories * I've never been diagnosed with anything either * But then, I've never been to see anyone about it * Maybe I would get a diagnosis or maybe I wouldn't * Who cares? * What difference would it make to my life? * Oooh, look, they've given me a label * Great * I'll suddenly change what I think, feel and see now shall I? * Because it's sooooo easy * Ahhh * Sorry * That kind of turned into a rant there * Yeah * Speak to your doctor about it * See what he/she says *
I agree with the EDNOS idea. The mix sounds like that. Even though weight and food thoughts arent keeping you from eating, you are still using food as a way to do something. (Rather than coping, kind of destroying) But either way, I'd say EDNOS. I hope you feel better soon. :)
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