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I have a SERIOUS issues

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Tyler Poor

hi everyone,

to give you a little background.....

-I am very screwed up, or so i think. I havent seen me dad since a was about 3, and ive been living with a step father who i hate, and he hates me. He sometimes beat me and other times just screamed at me.
-I have a problem with pornography. I sometimes wonder if i am my real self, as my view about people is so screwed up about what i see on the internet.
-ive had many thoughts in my mind about sex (incest with my mom, friends, etc) although ive never done it. I know it is WRONG and i really want to change, i just dont know how.
-i know i have talents, I love music, I can play Trombone, panflute, and guitar, but i really dont see the point in living.
-this post is the last straw, maybe i can get something out of it that will keep me going.

Does anyone have any advice on stopping me watching porn, having bad thoughts, and getting out of this state of depression and actually living! I know i have a place in this world, but i really need encouragement.


I do not see a problem in the porn in of itself.. the issue I would have with is the content.. what sort of pornography excites you? if it is children and or incestual or rape than there is most likely a problem that you need to look into, my suggestion there would be to see a councellor/therapist/psychologist, admit that you have an issue before it becomes a reality... having fantasies is not a crime, never has been and probably never will be, but they can point towards a future with more intense behaviours that could border on criminality..
Do you take anti depressants? Have you seen a doctor about these issues? have you looked to see if there is a sexualholics anonymous group in your area?


Well-Known Member
well those "thoughts" could be sexual frustation also- sometimes i read shota and yaoi and yuri which is male porn in comics. hey- i'm not ashamed of admiting it- i know many people who read/watch that too-
those thoughts are not "wrong" i'm really open about this subjects and i know many people have thought about it before- - those "incent" things also
so *pats* no worries- as long as you don't hurt anybody i think its alright- and as long as you don't want to hurt anybody- could be an hormonal problem if you feel like hurting people for sexual problem- i think there are meds for that

the problem here i think its the "my dad hurts me" part-- you have to try to solve that problem before he ends hurting you for real- a friend was almost beated to dead by his own dad when he was just 10 yo- he broke his legs and some ribs- be careful of not ending to that point-- if you can move to a relative house- do it- or a friend- or find help of a social worker- or something- stop him cuz thats what leading you to depression also

you can talk to a doctor about it- depression is treatable- talk also helps a lot- so you can lead all your problem here any time you want- and talk about it with a friend or relative or anyone you trust-



no way :D i keep identifying myself as long as i hang out on this forum
i also have really bad sexual thoughts about every one i see, every one i meet .
Am i a sexual spastic ?? Up to me it's because i can't get laid with any girl .
I can play the guitar as well , i can play the blues... at least i try. I don't know if that's my place in this world but it's entertaining for a few minutes.

Happy pappy

lol i guess ur not the only one that has a fucked up sexual mind (sry for the swearing) not sure y but i too have some pretty sick sexual thoughts. doesnt help that i cant get laid either. ive posted some post on this forums under a diff name but it seems that no one realy cares. either that or they just think its another "depressed emo teenager"


you see !!! look, i'm want to propose something. If nobody wants to have sex with me , i'm gonna commit suicide . The problem is not that i'm ugly (it more likely to be the contrary) but i'm schizophrenic and unable to say more than 3 words in front of someone who intimidates me (means everybody)
So , if you don't bring me some help it will be criminal from your part .
I know how sad you must be reading that : " waw, he's the dumbest asshole i've ever seen , he just focuses his life on sex "
HEY YOU MUST ALSO KNOW HOW IT FEELS WHEN THE PRESSURE GETS TO HIGH !!! I'M GONNA BE 20 AND STILL NOTHING ... but don't worry, i failed all my suicides before.
( ok, that's humour... but if some girl is intersted I M INTERESTED TO ! )
ya i kno that today it feels like that your judjed on how much sex you get and it feels like if you dont ur a loser . not having a girl or at least some leginimate female contact (not jst the few times i hang out with some girls wen i happen to be hanging out with one of my friends) gets really depressing wen i compare myself to everyone else.


It's not only about the jugement, i would be able to live alone all my life but sex is a human need !

tony da tiger

i'm very sexually frustrated, and it drives me nuts. i have lots of sick sexual thoughts, and i think its because of that. i'm soooo friggin horny, and i can't get any sex, its driving me nuts. i have incest fantasies, gay fantasies, underage girl fantasies, fantasies about every single female i know, about my friends, you name it. i would never act on these thoughts, because i can recognize how twisted and wrong they are, but it really disturbs me.

just wait until you're like me, 25 and a virgin. at this point i would have sex with anything that had breasts and a pulse.


waaaaaaaaaaaw it's exactly the same for me. At that point everything is fuckable. WOmen, little 12 yrs old girls (even younger) , shemales, even some men etc...
What are we bound to become ?? I'm sorry to say that but in a few yrs we're going to become rapers
Sexual fantasies are normal, it doesn't mean that you would ever act on them. If you're worried that you're in danger of becoming a rapist/child abuser then please consult a doctor. But I have to ask you not discuss that here as it is upsetting for other members and you will find little support.


Ok , so i have to see a specialist ?
In fact, i'm to become a raper .
I think there has been no evolution in the human character. We are still animals though there are new technologies and ways to communicate.
I mean, a female always wants a dominant male (that's why they never chose losers )
Who does agree with me on that point ? (We are animals , who says the contrary is in the wrong )
So this attitude of selection is so agressive; and without pity. I'm developping a real anger against women.
What shall i do ?

tony da tiger

yes, we are animals, i will agree. at the very basic all women want someone who is strong and confident and will protect them.

well what if you are not good enough? then you will never have a mate. as humans are an ANIMAL the urge to reproduce is very high. if i can't have a mate, i will start to go crazy. i need to have sex soooo bad. it is a basic human need. soon i want to fuck anything. it is like being a homeless man who is starving to death. soon he will eat anything he finds, including rotten food in the garbage.

i am not going to rape somebody or anything like that. that is disgusting, and i hate all rapists with a passion. i am just very sexually frustrated, and frustrated with the way relationships work

maybe i should just pay for a prostitute...


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well if you want to do that- remember - protection

and yeah you right. we are animals after all-- i have also my moments where i want to do it now- but i wish i could find a relation with a girl- not a man- guys hurt me.- literaly-
but geez. i suck at mans i suck even more with womans- its hard to get a parner- i don't want a relationship- just do it- but i'm not desparete that either-

but again- person who started this topic- as you can see watching pron is not a problem- its quite normal
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