I have arse problems

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  1. ACRon

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    my arse is on fire. its as if Ive been eating chilli con carne for 400 years with the occasional curry thrown in. Am I the only one who feels a similarity between depression and an itchy and overactive rectum? I go around crying to all my so called friends bieng really negative and passing on horrid vibes. making them feel sick

    Once Ive had a good crap I seem to find this place in my mind that forgets about the torture my arse has just been through. its great. I can sit on a little chair and not be intimidated by nasty nightmares bieng raped by goats and all those other things I feared when living in the dirge.

    How come my arse is in my head? how come I always need a shit when I come here? how come I don't know Im talking shit, and everyone else does? this is horrible:unsure:
  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Great metaphor, I'm sure.

    Do try to feel better.

  3. ACRon

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    I can't. I feel likeIve put on about loads of weight in the last few months. i can barely get out of bed. liposuction. memory eraser. a cool breeze anything
  4. The_Discarded

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    Poor dear. I don't know precisely what to tell you.

    But I should be 'round if you need to talk. My PM box is always open, as is MSN messenger.
  5. TheBLA

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    Sorry, I've never ever felt that way, first time I have heard of it. You only have pain there when you are depressed? Interesting.
  6. Ignored

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    Hmm :dry:
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  8. Marshmallow

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    I once heard this pick up line and i think it suits this thread lol

    ''My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in''

    and also

    ''Your so hot your ass is on fire''

    i was put up to this lol
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  9. Vitreledonellidae

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    Lol, thanks laughed my ARSE off, but dont really understand what you mean with it >.< I'm just a dumb blonde dutch girl Ö