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i have been emotionally abused by my parents my whole life

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by get me out, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. get me out

    get me out Active Member

    even my therapists says that they are the reason i have borderline personality disoder. since i was 5 they been telling me that i am worthless and cant do anything. when i was 8 my mom took a knife and heated it on the stove and burned/cut it in my skin for swearing. i had adhd and everytime i would get in trouble at school or act hyper my mom would throw her shoe at me and beat me with it.

    im 24 now and my bpd is so bad i cant hold a job so i am forced to live with them. i cant take the abuse anymore it still continues every evening wehen they come home from work they just go to their room and talk about how crappy i am. i wont take it anymore i am going to [EDIT AGAIN: METHODS!]
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  2. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    oh sweetie, please seek a shelter. There are places you can go where they help you and lodge you and get you appropriate help. Please either find it on the net or maybe call the police, or a hospital and talk to a social worker. Maybe at school?

    You do NOT deserve to be treated like that, you ARE worthy of living a good life. I was mentally abused by my dad a lot as a kid and teen and so I left home at 15...there are places you can go for help...

    about work, take your time. I still can't do a normal job but I have my psy sign papers so I can get a bit of extra money...so now I sort of work from home part time...so don't give up...please keep talking to us
  3. get me out

    get me out Active Member

    i was in a group home but honeslty the living conditions are horrendous. my parents may abuse me but they are rich and i can enjoy a nice clean house and bathroom and etc.

    should i just tough it out until i finish my degree and get a job and then move out?

    right now i am on partial disability because my condition is so bad i can hardly stay stable and hold a job - what shood i do?

    thinking shood i just stay with them for now and just ignore them and stop talking to them? they have stopped talking to me and i try to be nice and they ignore me but if i leave a mess or do one thing wrong they beat my head in with a shoe. :(
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