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I have been having suicidal thoughts lately?

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well school's been really hard, i'v always been the short guy, so i'v started working out to get bigger, and all that, so and i'v been wanting to take steroids and HGH, also i want to stand up for my friend when he gets picked but tells me "its okay buddy i'll handle it" and so he ended up getting his shoes and backpack taken from him, and im in a relationship with my girlfriend, and shes been acting really weird, like asking if we should break up and now she's txt me all kinds of like mean stuff when i try to ask her whats wrong, but i think this recent like "attake" (last night & today) is because her friend is over,and when she goes into jerk txting mode, it sounds like how her friend would talk. so all this is like causing me to leave this world and go to some fake world in my head, were i can "fix" all of my problems, deal with high-school situations, and everything, and also think about killing myself, i dont know what to do, i just got of a big fight with my friends, at least that's all good... but i wont help. i'm going to give up soon. idk why?, but i cant it here anymore.... do they have like... someplace i can go stay were i wont have to deal with these problems, were i can workout, and study for school, cause i want to be a history teacher, or police officer, idk im tired of no major results from working out, sure i got little bigger, and im tired of all this bull**** at school, and at home, i want to get away from all this.... pain. please tell me if i can to like somewhere and just get to workout and study. and just be calm.... i have anger problems too. idk i give up,

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You can go to councillor at your school talk there. Talk to a teacher you trust who will help you get in contact with care you need. You want peace i get that hun we all do so please don't try to fight everything on your own get some help okay reach out to professionals around you .
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