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I have complex PTSD

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by kyangel04, May 21, 2012.

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  1. kyangel04

    kyangel04 Antiquities Friend

    I have bipolar disorder, CPTSD and anxiety disorder. I was wondering if others deal with more than one dx? What's some was you deal with the confusion and recovery?
  2. carebear32

    carebear32 Well-Known Member

    First off let me just say that I love your avatar :) . Second, I've officially been diagnosed as having severe major depression and social anxiety disorder, but I do believe that I have PTSD as well, which I haven't been diagnosed with, but I feel is complicating my therapy, because my therapist keeps going around the issue like it's not there.
  3. Hoth

    Hoth Active Member

    Yes. All my disorders had kill any relationship and friendship I could have had or hold on to. I used to have social anxiety, avoidance personality disorders, but I still have major depressive disorder, OCD, panic/anxiety disorders, heavily traumatize, major PTSD.
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