I Have Drank

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    I Have Drank
    I have drank the bitter wine
    From Charon's cup of death,
    And now I stumble in the dark
    Searching for the Lethe.

    Deliver me, o cruel Fates,
    From thy wrathful hands,
    Give me rest, o shelter me
    From thy awful plans.

    Long ago those summer days,
    Yet I can still recall
    The seeds of dark and lonely ways
    Sewn before my fall.

    In childhood innocence and wasted youth,
    One thing still stands clear;
    A melancholy touch of truth,
    The ever-present fear,

    A tragic sense of something wrong,
    Something yet to be,
    A pattern of forsaken friends,
    A doom I could not see.

    Recklessly, I tasted love,
    Becoming Cupid's fool;
    How I danced his merry jig
    Breaking all the rules.

    Now to hear my lover's name,
    Who left like all before--
    In anguish my hand sought the blade
    And plunged it to the core.

    Cut it out! Take it away--
    The heart, that traitorous tool,
    No longer will I dance the jig,
    No longer Cupid's fool.

    I've paid my fare and drank your wine--
    Tarry not, my friend,
    Take me to the blessed shore,
    The river of memory's end.

    Let me sip the healing water,
    Just a single taste,
    Then rest in peace will I at last,
    Free of the cruel Fates.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.