I Have Failed

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I have failed as a provider for my family. And it wasnt anything intentional I did, just life....

So now my family is starving, and my wife is ready to leave me. I can't put food on the table.

Please say, instead of killing yourself, why dont you wait a day or awhile and see what happens.

Well, I have. If you look back to when I joined this forum, you will see I have waited a long time.

The wait is over.

I can't live with the failures anymore.


I still have my job. But our finances are so messed up that we cant get out of it...and I cant provide food for my family.


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Firstly, Martin Lewis (moneysavingexpert.com) makes a lot of sense.

You are taking all the blame. We are in hard financial times, are your family doing their part?


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Hey Bill, There are companies in most towns who can help you organise all your debt..Then you just make one payment a month to them..In some cases they can lower your bills..Why don't you check out one of them..
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