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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by White Dove, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    i am through with this whole thing

    with life

    with friends ( or so called friends )

    with religion

    I am so sick and tired of being called an attention seeker.. it makes me sick at myself, my stomache that others can not see or feel my pain.

    Thank God i go this weekend.

    to those who call me an attention seeker, and all, you call me that and then yopu call God the same thing

    what you do to me you do to God.. i am one of his children.. and i am going home.. you hear me? i am going home this weekend.. if its not that, its me being called a liar a scammer, a whore.. i am sick of it. i have had enough- heck this probably will not get posted either..??

    i am backed into a corber, no support, no friends, no family, nothing so what difference does it make if and when i go? none,, none at all
  2. ThoseEmptyWalls

    ThoseEmptyWalls Well-Known Member

    That is not nice of people to tell you that you are purely seeking attention.. I will admit that some people do 'act up' to get attention but a qualified mental health professional will be able to tell the difference between attention seeking behavior and a real mental illness. No offence, but I think somtimes (mentall illness sufferers too) will do something from time to time to get someones attention... But its nice of people to say your doing that all the time.. I hope you feel decent soon..
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