I have lost all sanity.

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    Since october I have be hanging out with this guy. Just walking around the park. My mom knows nothing about his personal life but she knows enough. She is now trying to say i can't even go near him anymore because a few girls at school were calling me a whore. He hasn't done anything wrong. He didn't even know they were saying it. It is my ex boyfriend saying all this shit. But my mom is believing these girls at school who she has never seen in her life. I dunno what to do. She says he is reducing me to trash. She could care less about my feelings and him being the only guy I can trust. I don't have anyone to hang out with or trust besides him.

    Then she goes on trying to say I don't take care of my puppy and my grades are dropping. my only grade below a b is in algebra and art. In art we have a sucky teacher that grades EVERYONE low, and there is nothing we can do. And in algebra the teacher just sucks. I ask for help but she doesn't explain anything, and the test count for most of the grade and I fail them.

    She tries to say she knows how all of this stuff with jeff works because she was in school once. But he isn't like that. Even if he is let me make this fucking mistake and have on friend. I am tired of this.

    I want to go to jeff now and cry in his arms but she won't even let me out to see him.

    I need someone I have nothing to live for anymore. I have nothing because she won't let me have any male friends because all the girls at school call me whores because of my ex boyfriend being a jerk about me breaking up with him

    I have nothing. I am bawling and I dunno what to do. She doesn't care about me at all. All she wants is a perfect daughter who gets straight A's makes no faults and has perfect friends with a perfect life. I can't control what people think happens and what people think of me. I have done nothing wrong. All I want is a real life friend. And she is trying to pull me away from my last one...

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLZ!!!....someone.....I have lost all sence of sanity...just please...
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    hey lox, i assume thats short for Lauren right? lovely feminine name that is :)
    most mothers are like this. they will blame any underachievement on the boyfriend or whichever male is closest to you. i dunno what you can do about it.
    what you said here sounds like what i knew happened to another girl. in the end it sorted itself out because the mother was forced to realise things are different and what happens is what happens, and isnt always true. but you have to accept it anyway coz thats what it is.

    i hope all works out for you the same way too. we're here for ya mate