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I have never attempted suicide.

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Worthless - you are NOT worthless. Please don't try, not tonight. Try and do something else tonight... think of something else... listen to some music or watch a movie or watch stupid funny clips on youtube...

please take care of you... you can get through another night..

take care.


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But theres a first for everything.
You are so right. A first time to call the crisis line. A first time to get yourself to the hospital. A first time to reach out to others here for support and help. A ton of great first times. Why dont you try one and see where it takes you? :arms:


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Well obviously, i didnt go through with it, i didnt even try.
I hate that i am such a coward.
My friend tried committing last week, and i am jealous that she had the strength to.

I was just at my breaking point.
However, i did take my mind off it by taking some photos.
Thanks for the support.
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