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I Have Never Done This Before

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Godsdrummer, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    When I had my worst attempt last year that landed me in the pysch ward at my local hospital, I was assigned a Pdoc.

    I was supposed to follow up with him and never did keep that appointment.

    So this whole time since....as I have struggled to find some happiness, and continue to live on this earth, I have done so, with the Grace of God, the fellowship of AA, and you guys!

    Now, tonight after work, I am going to see my Pdoc. Crap, where do I begin?

    Physical problems?
    Suicidal Ideation?

    Anyway....just thought I would share that
  2. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    hi FPS,

    hey, congrats! i am in a similar boat, i have my first therapist appointment ever tomorrow and i don't really know how to start either.

    what i am trying to do today is write down all the things i want my therapist to know... not so i have some big speech planned but just because

    1) otherwise i will forget something or get off on a million tangents (like my posts do) or not explain myself clearly and then get frustrated when i am misunderstood.. er, my appointment is not going to happen in my native language so that is an extra factor, but the sentiment would apply either way.


    2) i know that i am super duper hardcore wired never to tell anyone anything and i am afraid my relationship with my pdoc is compromised because of it. (he diagnosed and now treats my add, but he doesn't think i am depressed, he thinks i feel guilty and embarrassed all the time because i was raised lutheran. good times.) so i really want to finally force myself to get as much out as possible, stop waiting for it to go away.

    i won't be able to speak from experience for another... er, 18 hours, but maybe it would help you focus your thoughts if you just start writing a few experiences down about each of those things you mentioned and then maybe your starting point will sort of jump out at you? i dunno, your mileage may vary.. what made you finally decide to keep the appointment in the first place? that is probably as good a starting point as any!

    anyway, best of luck and let me know how it goes!
  3. Disappear

    Disappear Well-Known Member

    Good luck! You're doing the right thing, you'll probably feel a bit nervous about the session, but they will guide you. Try to be as open and honest as you can. Writting notes can help you too, especially if you have trouble communicating your feelings.
  4. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    Well I can scratch one thing off the list of topics to discuss. That is my job. I just had a chitchat with the boss and as long as I can make it thru to the end of the month without missing more than 8 hours of work, I should be around in January. Now who knows what will happen in 2010. But for now, looks like the coast is clear on the job front.
  5. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    How was it?
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