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I have no damned car!

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And it's just cost me another job opportunity.

I just got a call from a company that needed a Production Assistant for the next few days. Among the duties, they said they'd need someone to make some runs. I had to be honest and tell them that I didn't have a car. The interview ended at that point.

I feel so inadequate.

Earlier today I felt as if I was going along okay, sending out resumes and such; not too happy but dealing with everything quite well and remaining busy. Then I got my unemployment check and saw in black and white the thing I already knew: I've got one more check left and after that I'm done. I then went to the bank and saw how much money there is there and wasn't completely happy. Now this damned phonecall.

I don't really believe in horoscopes but I've been looking at mine as I've been getting more despondent and this upcoming month doesn't look good. I know O should just go out and get any sort of job at all, but after all the work I've done my whole life, if I have to bag groceries I swear that will push me over the edge. Everyone tells me how smart, talented and entertaining I am but there just doesn't seem to be any room for me in this world.

Soon, I won't be able to afford to see my therapists anymore.

I'm crying now.

Everyone on this forum is really nice and I feel like I'm just bugging everybody with my stupid problems. I feel like I've gotten myself into this mess and I deserve to feel this way, I deserve to feel inadequate and to be broke and to not be able to afford flying home for Christmas and unable to buy presents for my family. They're buying me presents: I wish they weren't. I wish they'd just forget all about me. I'm the experiment that failed, the son they couldn't save.

There is no Superman and no Lone Ranger: no one's coming to save me. I'm the only one who can do that and, at the moment, I don't feel capable of saving a fly let alone myself.

These feelings will pass, I know. Maybe in an hour I'll be feeling better. But right now, I just feel rotten.
I don't have a car either. Actually I don't even have a license. I'm also looking for a job. I have a crappy seasonal job right now. I moved to a new town and I'm actually suprised at how many places want you to drive. It sucks. I think it's especially hard around the holidays when you don't have money. I think everyone goes through hardships with money...so not being able to buy christmas presents I'm sure is understandable.

I'm sure something will turn up for you...you seem capable enough to get a decent job outside of bagging groceries. It'll just take a little presistance. Hell you might even find a kick ass job and be able to get everyone everything they ever wanted (maybe not, but you might find a really awesome job)


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When ive looked at job advertisments, I often wonder when it says you require a licence, exactly what for? and how many people its excluding? I mean unless your doing consistant delivery work or something...it just isnt necessary, but it seems to be a requirement for most jobs advertisements ive read. We should be encouraging mass transit and bike use....not car use btw.

Or havent we woken up yet?
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