i have no friends

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  1. cloudy

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    the more i start to look at my half siblings the more lonely i get. i don't like other females because of the way i have been treated. this illness has taken its toll on me. i want my relatives to talk to me. i reached out and got bit by two of them though they are the ones who sought me out. i dont understand them. as for other females they accuse me of being gay . not all of them just like 50 percent . it doesnt matter if you wear jewelry or make up. it doesn't make you gay. just tired of being sick with mood swings and paranoia.
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I don't have friends either, at least it seems that way in real life...but I have friends on here and that's what keeps me going. If your relatives are rude to you then you don't have to reach out to them. Just live your own life and forget their negative opinions.
  3. cloudy

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    thanks for your reply. i have anger issues and am sick of the neighbors being on my ass everyday. i am going to have to force myself to ignore others.
  4. In a Lonely Place

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    ditto,i'm 39 and never had any but somehow i'm still here:)