I have no idea what I am doing

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    I used to know and then I didn't. Now I'm lost. I just want to get out of my parents house and get a job, but I cant find a good one that doesn't require their help. I just want to be free again. Everything I have ever dreamed of doing is failing and falling through. I cant immigrate to another country because im too old. I'm stuck here and there is nowhere in this country I want to be. I can't live like this. My life is pretty much ruined. I don't want to be here anymore, not in this country not in this house. Please someone help me...
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    Maybe you could tell us a little more about your situation and get some ideas on things that you might be able to change or how to change them ? Having read all of your posts I (and most I think) am not really able to tell what it is that you want to do to give ideas on how to cope or where to look for help changing things. I am not aware of any age limits for immigration if you were thinking along those lines , certainly not for leaving the US , and living with your parents implies you likely are not elderly yourself. Leaving th ecountry is going to be a difficult thing without substantial resources anyway, but moving to another town or city with better employment opportunities will not need as much money saved. Things like getting a room mate through a roommate service to share rent might enable you to move out from your parents without relying on them for money, and if you are not living with parents you will qualify for aid on your own that you do not when living with a family member....