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Twisted F

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I went to see a psychiatrist earlier this week for the first time in my life,. We started talking and I told him I think I have social anxiety. He then asked me three things: can you go to the movies, can you go to the grocery store and can you speak in front of a group? I have no problem going to the movies, but somtimes buying tickets can be hard. I can buy groceries. Sometimes I get uncomfortable, but never to the point where I can’t do it at all. And if I’m well prepared and it’s a small group of people, I can give an oral presentation.

From this he concluded that I don’t have SA. Instead, he told me I have a depression (based on the other questions I answered), which I do, even though I don’t consider it my biggest problem, and gave me a prescription for antidepressants.

But what about the fact that I moved 300 miles across the country mainly so that I won’t have to run in to people I know superficially? What about the times I’ve stood in a record store for 30 minutes with a cd in my hands, not being able to go to the register and pay for it? What about never having had a job because I can’t go to job interviews? I can make this list a mile long.

So here I am now with my little pills that are supposed to help me get my life back. Needless to say, I don’t think they will help one bit. Even if the depression eases off, all the really big problems I have will still be there. I know this medicine is used to treat SA too, but we’re talking about something that has shaped my life for 15 years and taken away from me everything that makes life worth living. On the other hand, now I’m on the radar and maybe when the pills don’t do me any good he’ll realize I need therapy and stuff as well. Not that I’m sure that will help either, but I’d like to at least try it.

Guess that’s my… well, not so much of a rant, really. I’m not upset about what happened, just a little suprised and disappointed. It would have been nice if the good doctor had taken my own concerns a little more seriously. Now I have to wait for help a little while longer.
I've got the same problem i think i have some kind of SA but i dont think anyone would believe me, because in life im such a performer. And i think those questions were very limited, i love giving oral presentations, But im too scared to pick up the phone and ask an employer for an interview. I always avoid places which are bustling with people, school cafeteria, busy library. I hate when my friends take me to nightclubs or bars, to the point i sit in my seat with my eyes constantly on the table, lookin up every now and then to make uncomfortable smiles with my friends.

Life is made so much more difficult when people dont understand, and i think you need to really eloberate and even (maybe) amplify your situation. If you make it clear to him, that you need help with this situation, then his only duty is too help you with it. He isn't there to diagnose you, and to tell you what your problems are, hes there to help you find the solution to whatever you think your problems maybe.

"After ten years in therapy, my psychologist told me something very touching, he said, “no hablo ingles" Dennis Wolfberg...

Twisted F

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Boy, do I feel like an idiot. Not long after having written that, I got a note in the mail about an appointment with a shrink. I guess he had said something about that and I just forgot. Still, it doesn’t excuse the misdiagnosis, but maybe I can get the right kind of help sooner than expected. But if she doesn’t get it right either, and determines that I don’t need professional help, then I don’t know where to turn.

Tears: Thanks for the advice.Yeah, SA is tricky that way. It’s so individual and different for everyone who has it. For me, I can handle crowds, but I won’t go into an empty store with only the clerk there. I need other people to draw attention away from me. But I agree with you on nightclubs. Don’t enjoy them at all.
Sorry to hear about the misdiagnosis.
Just wanted to say good luck with the shrink, I hope (s)he will get the picture right.
But if not, you shouldn't give up, go to another psychiatrist. Maybe this one missed the classes about SA. :tongue: [stupid joke I know]
Anyway ... again, GOOD LUCK!!! My best wishes for that appointment!
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