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i have no purpose

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by cup of tea?, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. cup of tea?

    cup of tea? New Member

    im 17. and i cant really see why i should carry on breathing this air and wasting people's time. i just have no emotion inside me. i cant handle all this bull* around me anymore. i just dont see the point of this but im scared, so much of actually killing myself, i did it once but i survived the overdose. am so tempted 2 do the same again.

    ive gone from this :biggrin: to this :sad: in the space of a few months. for some reason i feel like topping myself this sunday. i dont know why. just try and get this over and done with soon, so that people can quickly forget that i ever existed and i can sleep forever.
  2. Queen_Akasha

    Queen_Akasha Guest

    Hi and welcome to this site cup of tea.

    The fact that you feel this way, shows that you do have emotions inside you. And I consider that to be a good thing, as it means that you can also feel happiness again in the future.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're at such a rough patch, but I think suicide wouldn't be the answer. People around you, people who care for you wouldn't just forget about your existence, quite the opposite, I'd imagine.

    Please talk to us as to why you want to 'sleep forever', why you want out of life?
  3. Metallica*Melinda

    Metallica*Melinda Well-Known Member

    Hey and welcome...
    My name is Melinda, I'm nineteen and in the same boat as you... I sometimes get happy but I always go back to the sadness... I dont know if thats how you feel or not. I've also had past suicide attempts...
    I'm here if you need to talk...
    Good luck
  4. Blood_Red_Soul

    Blood_Red_Soul New Member

    Hey, I just joined a few seconds ago, but I know exactly how you feel, and seems like we have a nice little community here of people who know how we feel, and alot who have tried to kill themselves like I know i have, hit me up i'm headed to the chat room to see if there is anything worth listening to
  5. saeyoon Chung

    saeyoon Chung Well-Known Member

    Imagine how many people would be crying over your casket..

    Well.. come to think of it.. I would be glad only because I'm an attention whore. But.. just imagine all those people you love being hurt by your action..

    17 is pretty young.. you've got time. This ^0^ to -> -_- that.. can be just a moodswing. You can go right back to ^^ again.. if it turns out to be just a moodswing... Like I said.. 17 is young, I'd kill to be 17 again.

    (I know how that feels like. It gives me anxiety attacks occasionally.)

    It may seem like you're at a dead-end street.. but.. you've got time.. you've got time... you've got time... you've enough time to become a real estate agent, doctor, hair stylist, jewelry sales associate...... whatever you want..

    There's a set of tasks you can do(freely) only in your teenage years.

    Your dreams, your perspective.. will change as you age(early 20's) and explore more. You said you have no purpose. You just haven't found your goal yet.

    Just go for it.
  6. klintmad

    klintmad Active Member

    Cup of tea. Do you know what is the meaning of your life?
    Do you see people who are trying to escape from war?
    Do you see people being jailed?
    it's your choice to do it again
    but will never see the beauty of
    mountains. Come think..

    [ How to protect yourself form depression?]
    my stuff. you can read it, it works a lot....
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