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    Life sucks... I was born into poverty but due to effort from myself and my family I have risen through the socio-economic ranks into what most people would consider a successful individual in my country, the problem is nothing seems to have changed. I am still alone and I have come no closer to reaching my goal. I am depressed, but I am not disruptive or noticeable, it would be hard for others to believe that I just want this life to end, it would be hard for most to understand that had I the necessary tools , I would have committed suicide a long time ago.

    Everyone around me is always having fun... and although I am looked up to and respected by my peers and colleagues, I am never treated with affection. I see other people post their stories and their problems could be solved by them having a backbone, rarely do they have a problem that could not be solved with them just getting over it. I consider myself a deeply flawed individual, but not due to my own failing, I have done absolutely everything right in my life and I have surpassed all odds, but again, I am nowhere near where I want to be. I just wish I had a gun...

    I need others. I cannot force others to need me. That's the dilemma. I have no friends, girlfriend, wife or children. I am not angry, nor do I blame anyone. I just wish I could quickly and efficiently terminate my own existence so this agony can stop.... no matter how much I excel, no matter how much I accomplish, I am still not close to my goal. There is nothing more infuriating than watching people consistently make the wrong decision and achieve in defeat what I cannot achieve in victory.

    I have nothing interesting to say, other than life sucks.
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    I hear you and you do have something interesting to say. Despite all you have accomplished you still cannot find happiness or peace I too have risen from poverty and thought i became someone but i am still very depressed and not sure where life leads now Your right no one can read our minds to see how we are feeling that is up to us to let the professionals know so they can help us get out of the dark hole we are in but sometimes that too is very hard to do reach out for help

    I hopey ou continue to post so i and others who can relate at least we do not feel so alienated hugs to you
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    also sometimes when people have fun, appearances can be deceptive. just like you say people do not notice your state of mind, you may not notice theirs.
    try looking for depthier people in life because your post alone is depthy and interesting and thus you have interesting things to say. but maybe you're saying them to the wrong people