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    Hi, I'm new here and I need some help. I was very suicidal a few years back and now I am thinking back to those thoughts again. Nothing that I used to care about interests me anymore. I have no motivation to keep busy and when I am not busy I think. I think about how unhappy I truly am and how I wish I could be happy. I have a pretty good life. I just got into my first real relationship when I thought no one could like me. Yet, that doesn't even feel real. I don't live each day to the next, I simply exist. I don't know how to get out of this lull. I am off for summer break and yet I already want to go back to university. Anything can help. Thank you.
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    Hello welcome to SF,

    I understand when you say you have found the same thoughts come back, depression can come in cycles and I have found with myself I can be okay for a while even a year (sort of) but then it comes creeping back in, and gets worse and worse – specially untreated.

    Your title says you have nothing - that is these thoughts kicking in making you feel this way and I know it can feel like that, you say you feel like your relationship is not real, have you spoken to your other half how you feel? Sometimes some gentle understanding and support – or just letting it out those fears and insecurities we all have them can help, but of course I appreciate you may not be comfortable with that.

    You have the whole summer ahead of you but nothing to do, I was thinking would this be a great chance to work on you, maybe find things you are interested in hobbies, clubs, maybe even look at getting more professional support speaking to a doctor etc and see if you can work over these things before you head back to uni. I know you seem disinterested and that sometimes is the problem with depression it distorts your mindset on things, at the same time it is important you find a way to distract from these thoughts.

    I hope this made sense and take care of yourself