I have strick morals..

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    My SO has a past that goes against my morals and every time I think about it I feel really sad and can't believe someone I'm so close to could behave in such a way. I don't know if I can handle knowing these things so I try not to ask but it kills me every time I find out something else. Is it wrong for me to feel this way about things that happened in the past? I don't know if I'll every fully come to terms with the things my SO has done and I wonder if down the road it will become so bothersome to me that the relationship will terminate and we will both have wasted our time and feelings. Does anybody understand this?
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    I do understand, I was much the same in my youth, very straight laced and, if I'm honest, rather judgemental.
    I still have a moral standpoint, but being infinitely older and wiser, I've come to realise we all make wrong choices in life and no one should be hung, drawn and quartered for youthful indiscretions.
    If you really feel you cannot come to terms with it all, then it would be fairer to part sooner rather than later, you will only make the other person feel bad about themselves if you keep bringing it up.
    Only you can know if you can live with it or not.
    I parted with someone when I found out that they worked in an animal laboratory, no way was I ever getting past that and he didn't understand my feelings on the subject, but I did give someone a second chance who was playing around with heroin, only on the strict understanding it must never happen again.