i have thought of doing it

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at times of personal stress i have contemplated taking my own life, i guess most of us have.
today while out walking in the nearby woods. i came across the body of a successful suicide. the police said he'd been there for no more than 2 days.
my first thought was run, run just run away! but i couldn't he, i, we have families that no matter what, do love us and deserve answers.
what i think upsets me most is, its sad no matter what his story, he chose to die alone. if i hadn't stumbled upon his body he could've been there for years without been found.
respect your families and the people who care, even if you think they dont.
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What an awful experience, gives much food for thought too...so sad to think people are dying alone and in such distress.
i dont know how im coping, its still too fresh. i've asked my wife to go to bed and let me cry in private. im working though a bottle of JD. i just feel so sad for a man i'll never even know the name off. WHY?

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why is because he died in so much pain that he could tell no one - people don't know and realise the pain of taking of one's life if they have never been there. I know from my experiences you do feel alone and put yourself in that situation - alone. God rest his soul. Take care - Ali
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