I have to bottle everything up at my house

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    I have to bottle everything up in my own house

    My family is suffocating me with misery. I get into so many arguments with them because they say things that offend the hell out of me, when I try to explain that Im offended, I get told to stop being sensitive....I cant fucking help that....I finally broke down the other day, in my room. I had a complete freakout, I couldnt help it, it was the only way i could get anything out....and I get called insane for it, they said I should be put away for that...I cant explain my feelings or Ill just get dismissed and told Im too sensitive, I cant have a breakdown or theyll call me insane. I dont know what to do anymore, I just want to be happy.

    I cut myself for the first time that day, Ive run a knife over my skin before but that was the first time I actually cut it. I just feel like everythings getting worse and I dont know what to do with myself =/
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    Re: I have to bottle everything up in my own house

    Wow, your family sounds so much like mine....the problem is they don't get it and probably never will. They can't really understand where you're coming from unless they've experienced it for themselves. Try not to let it get you down, because you do have support here, and we know where you're coming from. I'm sorry that you felt the need to cut...I hope that you are feeling a bit better now and hopefully can find other ways to deal with your pain.