I have to wonder if it's possible to be somewhere inbetween hetero and Asexual

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    This was just a thought I've been having today. I sometimes really feel like I'm somewhere inbetween heterosexual and Asexual. Because...Like, I desire to be with women. I like women just fine. But...Like...Often times I see sexual things and I'm just...Kind of disgusted. And I'm not talking about like really niche stuff, I just mean sexual stuff in general, it's kind of gross sometimes when I think about it, someone's sweaty naked body against yours (Both of you probably smell as a result which is disgusting.) And the rest of it is just...Blech...I dunno. Maybe I'm weird, maybe I'm confused. It just seems odd that I can desire women but find basic human instinct repulsive.

    I'm so confused...
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    I understand how you feel. I'm attracted to women, and generally enjoy sex, however i've had times where i've been in the middle of the act and just think to myself "ugh, can i stop now? this is just uncomfortable and weird. Why did i want this?". Sometimes it'll make relationships hard because you dont always feel like having sex, and men are expected to always want it, so then your partner automatically assumes you're cheating or not attracted, when you really just don't want to get that close and messy. So no, you're not weird.
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    Check out aven.org. knock yourself out, don't over analyze yourself over this. Some people it isn't for them. Aven it explains asexuality in different spectrums
  4. I know how you feel. I think greysexual/graysexual is the best way to describe it. Basically you rarely experience sexual attraction towards anyone. As a straight female I prefer men but if I ever feel sexually attracted to someone it is not impulsive, it has to develop over time (so I guess demisexual or demiromantic best describes that).