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I haven't been eating.

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Why? I'm really not sure.

I'm at a healthy weight, but I just don't want to eat. I look in the mirror, and it's like, everything's wrong. I don't understand how I can be 5' 2" and weigh 126, but STILL look THIS big.

I've only taken in water for the past 13 days. I've lost 10 pounds. Even smelling food makes me sick. I've stopped feeling hungry. No one at home has really noticed.

I know that I should eat, but when I try to... food is actually making me sick. I had a piece of bread yesterday and threw up. I could feel that it wasn't sitting right in my stomach.

It's frustrating. I don't know.
Hi Jordan
I dont know about eating disorders i'm afraid.
All i know is the body is like an engine, don't put enough fuel in or substandard stuff and that engine will splutter and breakdown.
I also know that how we view ourselves is almost always different to how others look at us.
When i do not eat well because im not feeling too good it always seems to make things worse.
I could suggest doctors and dieticians here, but i wont insult you on that level.
Fresh fruit and raw vegetables (carrots, cucumber etc) with dips are what i go for, no calories as such, but instant natural energy and taste.
All i can offer really, sorry.


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13 days...that's a long time...
please go to see a doctor. I know it's hard to believe but your life is in danger.
You need to restart eating as soon as possible or be fed trough a tube if you don't want to die die from nutrient deficiency.

If you are scared to tell a doctor about your problem I'd recommend taking in vitamin-pills and try to keep down some milk or mashed banana for a start...It's easier to eat than bread.
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