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I haven't gone outside or talked to anyone for the longest time.

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People hate losers like me who never go anywhere or do anything.

I have no friends right now, I'm pretty much alone, and I have no one to talk to, barring my family. I'm a big joke right now.

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hugs to you can you not talkto your doctor hun get some therapy or meds to help you feel less anxious less isolated so you can get out amd meet new people hugs


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You sound just like my son.
He took the not going out to the enth degree and didnt stir outside the door for ten years.
Finally I dragged him to the docs' and he went into therapy and is making strides back into the big bad world.
Get down to your doc now, before you find its ten years on and you're stuck.


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Bumping this because I don't want to start a new topic.

I'm absolutely horrible at socializing with anyone. I'm just terrible at it. You need friends to make new friends and hang out with them, but I'm never able to do that.

I've messed up a billion things in my life. I constantly screw up when it comes to making friends. I'm terrible at it.


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Take something that you feel strongly about or really, really enjoy and find a group or something IRL- all they'll want to do is probably talk about the mutual interest, takes the pressure off having to start with introductions and find common ground. The more passionate you are about it the better.
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