I haven't self harmed...

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  1. I can't think of a title for this... so i'll leave it till the end

    I've never self harmed... But I have been close to people who have... like the 2 people I have been closest to in my life have self harmed and a great number of my other close friends have too... the amount of people I know... double figures.
    I guess I must seem like the type of person who won't judge? I dunno.
    All of them regret it, and a couple have made me promise never to do it... but at the same time told me they wouldn't be angry if I did.

    ... I haven't
    But I often find myself considering it >.<
    I know I shouldn't... but I do. I know i'd regret it but it doesn't stop me considering...
    I find myself looking at my arm imagining what it would look like if I did...
    Whenever something gets to me... or i'm in a bad mood... I think about it.
    Its like I self harm... but I don't... something will set me off and thats the only thing I think would help... but I know it wouldnt

    & yeah i've read the tread up there ^
    I've read it on loads of websites...

    Sorry x
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    hey glad you haven'st self harmed don't start okay because it only causes outer scars to appear to remind you of your pain everyday. don't do that to you. when you have the feeling to sh do something positive instead okay for you do something that brings you happiness take care
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