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  1. Okay, when it comes to dreaming, I'm not like everyone in my family. They all can remember exact details in their dreams. I only remember snippets of what seemed to be a dream.

    Now, don't get mad because it's not a great long story of a dream. All I can remember is me and my good friend Tyler laying on a bed somewhere and he kept saying stuff to me, though I don't know what. Then he kissed me, lightly biting my lip. I pulled back, saying something along the lines of, "No, I'm with Mark." And he kissed me again, the best kiss EVAR and I kept telling myself it was wrong because I was with Mark but I liked Tyler too. Then I woke up.


    So, can someone help me with this or give me your views or SOMETHING...???
  2. Do you know if Tyler likes you? It could be your subconscious mind lingering on that. However if this is all just made up into a dream, It might symbolize the fact that you won't go for another if you already have someone, no matter the temptation.
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    Dreams are just dreams. Try not to feel guilty or put too much stock in a simple dream. It is quite common for people to dream things they would never do in real life.
  4. I recently dreamt about my next birthday. I dreamt I was very unhappy to be 1 year older. It's not like I'm turning 40 or anything even close to that(if I were even 30 you'd see me in antiquitie's friends posting).... but it's reality that I despise growing up. High school is supposed to be your best years & I believe they really were the best years of my life.
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    Sometimes I have that feeling too, and then I really think about what high school was like. Sure, I had lots of great popular friends, and I had to watch my back 24 hours a day to make sure they weren't bad-mouthing me or trying to steal my boyfriend.

    I was pretty popular, but that just made people want to start rumors about me behind my back.

    Yeah I got to live at home and have everything paid for, but my Mom and I were getting into horrible screaming matches every other day.

    When I look at it like this, I am SOOOOO done with the petty high school bullshit.

    Life may be harder now, but I don't have my Mom to answer to, I live where I want to live in a place decorated the way I like, I do what I want with my free time without having to lie about it or hide it from anyone.

    And my friends are actually real friends. I may not have 2 hundred friends like I did in high school, but the ones I have chosen are honest and loyal and great to be around.

    Try to create a life for yourself that makes you happy and try not to dwell too much on the past.
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