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i hit bottom again

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i thought this shit had blown over!!!
i havent felt suicidal for quite a while now... i have felt depressed, but not suicidal.
i have just come home from a great day out... and i feel worse then ever, but for know reason at all!! why why why??!?!? i hate feeling like this and as soon as it goes away, sure as hell it will be back with in a month!
life is to damn hard! too many rocky roads, none are smooth! all these twists and turns im getting more and more lost!!! at the end of the road, i know there is a knife and a way to end it all!!!


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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've hit rock bottom again.. how are you doing now?

I'm thinking that the suicidal feelings are only temporary.. especially as you say that you have not been suffering from them for a while now. Please don't do anything rash. After some sleep, good food, etc things may look very different.

Sounds like you've had a great day out today.. that's good news. What did you get up to? I know that sometimes i can be having a good day and then crash for no real reason.. could it have something to do with the good day being over, i mean, as soon as you got home and had nothing to keep you occupied? Are you home alone? Maybe that is affecting your mood?

Anyway, i do hope that you've stayed safe.. and i hope you're feeling better now. We're here anytime you need to talk
Jenny x
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