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  1. I don't think he ever knew what his coming into my world meant. He looked into my soul when I was already naked, through my writing. But he's a poet himself. He left without a word, when it was a crucial time for me - I fell off my sublte, tentative balance and had a nervous breakdown. In the last few days, I do not know why, but he is back in my life...

    I explained to him I am very weak and vulnerable. He simultaneously lifted me as shamed me with this poem - for through my Depression, which is quite real, I still continue to look at the rest of the world, where other daily [unavoidable]suffering goes on. He lives in Nigeria, where turmoil and injustice are de riguer. It makes me cry every time I read it. Though he left me and hurt me deeply, his return gives me some much needed further perspective, and so I share his poem. I hope he wouldn't mind....I found it powerful....
    "Come to Africa" rings in my brain - I can't tell you how it moves me when I think my life here is utterly hopeless - as real as it feels...as it may be... for it's full of hope inspite of circumstance.... It makes me wonder how I can make a difference, here, or there....

    "Yet you sailed

    Think thou have seen pain
    too much to bear?
    Think thy fate unkind and cruel?
    Think thou have known despair
    in its raw shape?
    Think thou art empty and bare?
    Then come to Africa,
    Africa of a thousand years endurance,
    Africa of blood and sweat,
    where people live in blacker sorrow,
    in sterner grief, in woe,
    lean on empty dreams,
    hold famished hopes,
    cry in tearless pain,
    listen their own mind soulless scream,
    destitute of all that is good and pleasing,
    destitute of the essence of living,
    still they walk
    still they smile,
    still they clench life,
    still they rise.
    Think thyself the first, the last to want to die?
    break the last string of life?
    the first to be tired?
    tired without strength, the strength to fly?
    Think again!
    Sorrow, the ill reaper of men’s good.
    Dost thou want to dismemember
    thy spirit,
    unloose thy soul and body?
    Dost thou mourn thy fall and fall,
    want thy sun deadened?
    Dost thou carry a load
    thyself sag to explode?
    Dost thy heart blown, with pain,
    to rupture, like that of Lord Christ?
    Think again!
    Sorrow, the ill reaper of men’s good.
    Stir thyself, stir thy strength – inspite –
    Blessed be thou, if thou can keep thy self but one,
    for thou shall have in thy abode
    abundance of peace.
    There is nothing in this world perfect,
    all string to some imperfection,
    life-beauty but with some defect,
    happiness, desolation.
    Think of all thy good,
    I pray, nor shall sorrow reap.
    Clenched thy breath, stir thy strength!
    Thou worth-high in men’s eyes.
    When thou shall meet The Noble One,
    Won’t thou be proud
    thou bear such fate, alone,
    grief thou withstood?
    That many a storm struck thy ship,
    yet thou sailed,
    wind rend thy mast
    Yet thou sailed,
    sea parted, rise and rise, fall and fall,
    Yet thou sailed,
    Tempest hurled and whirled and threw
    Yet thou sailed,
    Won’t thou be bold?
    before thy God!"

    (Emmanuel "Emma" Jakpa)

  2. theleastofthese

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    :eek:hmy: :eek:hmy: God, that's beautiful!:smile: :smile:

    I cannot describe how it feels to read it. His poem rendered me devoid of all adjectives - I can't express how much I like it.:eek:hmy:

  3. Sabriel

    Sabriel Active Member

    That's incredible... Absolutely incredible. Amo.:eek:hmy:
  4. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Thank you for sharing that with us FAL1. It is truly beautiful in its own right.
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