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I hope this is the right place to rant.

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I have had a dreadful evening and was glad to be able to take my meds to help calm me down and hopefully get some sleep. Meds had kicked in and I was feeling much calmer when someone knocked on the door. Opened it -two police had come to check on me as someone very drunk and abusive had called them to say I had taken an overdose ! The checked that I was ok etc and left. Five minures later two more police and an ambulance arrived someone with the same story ,the call had gone out to two different police stations because I live right on the borderline of two boroughs.They were reassured and left. Now I am bloody furious with steam coming out of my ears ,wound up and as jittery as I was all evening with no hope of sleep. I am 99% certain who it was a viscious nasty piece of work that causes trouble for everyone she encounters and has been waiting for more than two years to cause problems for me . I slipped up and posted on a forum that she uses that I was seeing the home treatment team so she knows I am in crisis and took the opportunity . I am livid,at least I am not thinking suicide right now !


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Best to just ignore this women Johnnie - sounds like she is fire - and you petrol - well bad analogy but sometimes two people can never be together.

As for her phoning the ambulance and cops it is a criminal offence to do so - and unless she has used a public phone her number would be recorded by the police and the people who answer calls - who are usually not police.

If you complain and say this is malicious she might be visited and warned as people doing this cost a fortune and obviously upset people. Then again, maybe leave it - do so if it ever happens again. you cannot even 'warn' her not to do this as she would perhaps call the cops and say you threatened to use a shotgun and set the town on fire for fun.

Anyhow - what meds do you take that just calm you down? Perhaps I might try them myself as I'm looking for a new med - but will have a week or so clean of any to clear out the stuff I was taking.

Good luck!
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