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I hope this life ends asap


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I don't want to live anymore, living is a torture for me.

I don't see the point in living. I can't make anyone happy. I can't get a job or a girlfriend. No one will love me.

My life is emptiness. I wish I was never born. My life is a mistake.


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*hug so sorry to hear how you are feeling, i've been there and while life did get better, me saying that probably does not help you very much right now so i would suggest you keep talking to us and let it all out, you're not a mistake in any way shape or form, you're a wonderful person with a kind heart. I hope you feel better soon! *hug


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I understand you, bro.
I don't know that be help but, I hope you feeling understood at least.
The loneliness is horrible, nobody deserve that...

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My life is a mistake.
Nope. I disagree. YOU matter my friend. Life give you lemons, yes? YOU (and everyone)have a purpose in life, it's just you don't see it now because you are emotionally drained.
I'm giving ya a bottle of vodka to neutralise the lemons that life is giving you :D
Sour no more. Keep your head up;) and please take care now.
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