I Hope You Get All You Deserve

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    I hope some day you get everything
    that you deserve.
    I hope you move to that perfect place
    with sunny skies and true blue water.
    I hope your lover goes by your side.
    I hope the skies and water stay bright and blue
    and you walk along the brand new streets
    and smile at how you’ve made your life anew.
    I know some day the skies won’t look so clear
    and you and your lover will quarrel.
    But on another day the world will brighten again to your eye
    and you’ll shrug and be glad.
    I truly believe, that you will get all you deserve.
    I know some day the shine will wear off all the brightness.
    You and your lover will exchange more bitter words than kind.
    The newness will be gone
    and the sun and sea won’t heal what’s broken.
    Because the problem was not the place but the person.
    I know because I have watched
    but for some reason
    I, not you, have seen.
    I have seen you looking over the fence
    and exclaiming over how green the grass,
    and I have looked and thought the color just the same.
    I have even seen you leap the fence
    and watched while you grew glum again
    and turned your eyes once more
    and exclaim at how green the grass grows
    just a little bit farther.
    I have seen you blinker yourself
    push aside the good in favor of the newest new.
    I could shake you. Again.
    Beg you to see yourself and all the discarded bits
    that have been the lifetime casualty of that need.
    I could attempt to shame you
    by naming myself among them,
    but I am not my father’s daughter.
    I know a hopeless cause when I see one
    and would rather be at peace in my own pasture.
    And whatever it might prove to be,
    all guesses aside,
    I hope you get what you deserve.
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