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I just can't move on anymore!

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I can't move on on life anymore.
every day i wake up is just to cry ad wish to die.
It's been like this since 1997, and i am destroying myself every day,
I smoke, i am bulmic, i cut myself and sometimes i hold my breath to feel what's like to die.
I smoke to have cancer, i am bulimic because i read it kills... and i cut myself to endure the pain of being alive.
I've destroyed some things that i have, preparing myself for me final day.
i am happy just when i sleep, because i don't suffer, i don't cry, i don't puke, smoke or cut myself.
to die isn't so bad, the fact is that i don't know exactly how to do this.
i puke since i was 15, and this far i didn't die, what i don't understand because some bulimics die faster.
Life is just too terrible for me, i don't have strenght anymore, nothing holds me here, i don't have faith...


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Its terrible to hear that you have to suffer a long time. Did you had any help from people? I hope you find a way, to find the strenght to go on. I know it is easy to say then to be done... i hope you find some way you can deal with your suffering, but there is a long way to go and hope you can do that and maybe can find help...never give up, we are here for you....
do you want to talk about any kind of treatment that you have tried or that has helped at all?

do you just want people to listen and understand,

or to try to help you get some help?

or something else?
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