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I just... can't.

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I hate everyone. I don't understand how they haven't been... run over by a truck already. It takes absolutely no extra energy to be a decent person, and yet everyone insits on being a complete and total jackass all the time. It's just... exhausting to be around all of these people who are so horrible. It physically hurts me to go to school, it's like a slow, drawn out torture. I just want to run away and never have to deal with this any again, but I... I don't know, I'm scared to I guess. It's too much and it's got to end soon or I think I'm going to make it end.

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Hey there are some some very cruel people i know but for the most people can be kind I hope you search out and just find that one kind person that will help you get through your days. a teacher a councillor anyone that will take that pain away for awhile stay clear of those assess the ones that care only for themselves okay hugs


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You should talk to someone if your being picked on or bullied - you could even study at home if this is extreme.

School can be cruel which is a shame but we all leave it and the bullies find that whilst its easy in school - the big world eats people like for breakfast. Hang on in and I guarentee that in time, you'll even pity them in a way.

Life gets a whole lot better when you leave school.

For now, follow the advice above and talk to your parents perhaps - let them know study is being affected by all this. Don't put up with it and let your study fall behind due to worry about idiots.

They are idiots, but granted, they might seem very intimidating to you.
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