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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by No1_knows_me, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. No1_knows_me

    No1_knows_me Active Member

    I just cut 2 days ago. I don't know why. I've never done that before and I don't think I feel any worse than earlier. I guess it was the curiosity that got me do it, I just wanted to find out how it feels like and if it helps in some weird way. I thought of just making one little cut and nothing more. Instead of one, I made 11 small cuts. I only stopped because a friend of mine begged me to stop it via an MSN conversation. It's not because I want to cause pain. It's more like I enjoy seeing my blood. It's weird, I never thought I would harm myself like this. And now I have this urge to go get the razor blade and do it again. :|
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    So sorry you needed to harm yourself to feel in control of your pain...please keep posting and letting us know what is going on for you...we truly care...big hugs, J
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Okay first don't harm okay you do not want to end up with scars all over you and second i am glad you are posting and letting the pain out that way that is a better coping skills. Talk to someone go to doctors and get some help stop it now before it gets worse. there is help out there reach out to anyone teacher councillor parents friends do it now okay so you can get real support you need to heal
  4. No1_knows_me

    No1_knows_me Active Member

    After the first time I cut, I promised my self I wouldn't do it again. I told myself it was stupid and that there was no need to do it. Now I have 7 more cuts, they're on my other leg. I really thought I wouldn't ever do it again. I know it's stupid to cut but for some reason I just went to grab the razor again. Twice. (First 4, then 3 cuts the next day). I really hate this. Now I just want to go grab the razor again but I can't. I'll be off to my parents' soon for the weekend and I can't have the cuts in my legs. If my parents see them, all hell breaks loose.
    Why the hell did I cut for the first time? >:K
  5. Polystyrene

    Polystyrene Member

    well, heres a story you might relate to. when i was admitted to my local hospital, they counted 200 some 'lacerations' on my thigh. now its second and third degree burns with scars and blisters. if you dont stop now, it only gets worse, then worse. you have got to try your best. luckily razors get dull after a few days, just try to stop. talk to a counselor at school, or your parents. hospitalization sucks, but really only the first day does, after that the days blend together and becomes a blur.
    i know you, i bet you can stop
  6. christinexxruns

    christinexxruns New Member

    I'm thinking of cutting right now... o_O

    But instead I came here.
  7. No1_knows_me

    No1_knows_me Active Member

    For the past 2 days I've just felt like I want to cut a really deep cut so that there will be a lot of blood. I've failed. My razor blade is too dull for that and this makes me frustrated. I've only managed to do painful cuts. I don't want pain, I want blood!
  8. _Lily_

    _Lily_ Forum Buddy

    if you want to see blood look at gore films or draw on your self with red pen or use food colour and water together and put it on your skin

    i have been cutting for 20 years now and am covered in scars you dont want to end up like me and have all those scars
  9. Charlotte scott

    Charlotte scott Banned Member

    last week i slit my wrists becasue my mum took away xbox 360 i couldn't take it so i slit my wrists and wright my name on the wall along with the words i want to play xbox i understand this was stupid because i barly evoided death.
    You shouldn't do it has big consiquences for example my dad jumped of beachy head he was the person on the news that was the main reason for my actions.
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