I just don´t know.

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  1. Mr.Brightside

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    Why is it seen so wrong, if someone simply chooses not to live? Why is life taken as a burden and not an option?
  2. Petal

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    I would guess it's because of the carnage it leaves behind. Life does not always have to be a burden, with the right help and support system around you, you can learn how to enjoy life as it is. Also-welcome to the forums.
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    I was about to comment but CocaCola took the words right out of my mouth and said it wonderfully.
  4. Mr.Brightside

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    Thanks kindly for the welcome.

    I guess its the point of view i,ve got of the things. I dont belive in therapy, i think its just a way that people use to let out the problems, have someone tell them how special they are and be able to blame how bad your mother raised you or whoever you choose to blame. I just, dont seem to like how the world itself works... i cant change the world and changing for it would be becoming what i repulse.
  5. morning rush

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    that's not real therapy. Therapy is about dealing with your emotions and your past, giving you tools to overcome the hardships...no one can predict what life sends us, but we can figure out how to deal with it and overcome it...some people need to vent, others need different opinions of the situation. For me hearing someone else's view of the problems helps me...

    when my mom was in hospital (due to a schizophrenic crisis) I had therapy and I found it good because I was alone, no friends and only my mother to talk to...and her mental state was ill..so talking to someone who understands and is not ill was really good for me...
  6. Mr.Brightside

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    The people that i´ve tired to talk to base there opinion mostly on pity, or the just look at me like a crazy person. I wish i had some human contact with someone that really understood... thats why im pretty comfortable here.