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I just don't know...

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I feel so...I don't even know how to explain it. I basically just feel suicidal. Wishing everything would just end right now...I've been thinking about taking a knife or scissors and just cutting my neck or my wrists right now, but I guess im too much a little bitch to do it becuase I know it will hurt a lot...I just feel like everything is crashing down and not pissed or angry but like, I don't know,....annoyed i guess? Sad? Yeah, thats the word that I was looking for. Well, I just wanted to write this down atleast...I just don't even know what to do right now... I'll probably go find something to eat even though im not even hungry at all, maybe order something...i dont know...oh well, anyway....bye, for now atleast...


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i hate it when people feel this way. its just so depressing to see people suffer from suicdal feelings and sadness. i hope you'll feel better... i know I can only hope but i guess thats all anyone can do. i wish you luck on the journey of life.
I know how you feel... I really do...

Lately the girl I love has started to say that she dosn't know if she can live anymore. Alot of horrible things has happened to her. I start to think what I would do without her... if she takes her life. Then I would be all alone again, don't take your life... there is someone you there that cares for you. It might not seem like it, but the world is huge...

And that fear of cutting yourself is probably because deep inside you want to live, you want to live a good life... Have hope...
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