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I just don't know

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Recently one of my friends found out that I'm pretty depressed.. And she's been really pushing for me to tell my parents and do something about it. I'm 16, so I obviously can't do much without my parents there.
I guess I'm kind of afraid that either my parents will overreact, or maybe I'm just overreacting and nothing's wrong. I don't really know what to do, so I guess I'm looking for advice? If I do tell my parents, they'll probably push for medication.. Does that help at all?
Advice from somebody who doesn't know me at all would really be helpful.. Should I tell someone? Would it be beneficial?
And if you think I should tell them... How in the world would I go about that??


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Hi Jenn3,

I reached out for help at 16 too. My parents at first thought it was just some typical teenage/adolescence phase and that it was no big deal. I guess if I had anything to say, I'd say to really be careful who you reach out to. Also, I think it's good to keep in mind that unless you're involuntarily committed or sectioned in a psych hospital/ward, you have a choice as to what medicines you are willing to take. Just my two cents. It's nice to meet you. Reaching out is hard; I cried that day as I did so. Going to doctors with my parents around was not ideal for me, but maybe your parents can give you some personal space and let you go into appointments by yourself. I don't know. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck if you decide to reach out. I'm only 19 now, and a young 19 at that (just turned 19), so I'm not far apart from you in age and thus don't have much to say. I hope the support you may be interested in is available to you. All the best...Alex


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Hi Jenn3,

I'm sorry your not feeling well. As a parent myself I would say that you should talk to your parents. They have years invested in you. They love you and want the best for you. For a parent its heart breaking to see their child going through any kind of suffering. Most Parents will die for their children. I say these things to help you appreciate the depth of care your parents have for you. They are in the best position to love and support you during this low period in your life. Being only sixteen please don't think what your feeling is the way your life will be from now on. There are many things that can cause a temporary bout of depression. For example, a few cutting remarks from those that claim to be your friends,disappointments, the lose of a loved one, loneliness, perfectionism etc. Here is a link to some information that may help you to sort out whether your condition is something that requires professional help.
Mr. Alex- Well today my friend literally dragged me down to the counselor.. So I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I have been in a psych hospital before though, and they didn't make me take drugs.. They wanted me to, but I said no.

Joshua2803- I didn't really provide much background information.. Although most teenagers probably are just going through a little period of "depression" I'm fairly certain that this isn't like that at all. I've been feeling like this since I was 12, although I can't remember how it started now. I've been cutting since then, the summer after I turned 15 I tried to kill myself because my ex-boyfriend had raped me. That resulted in me being sent to a psych hospital in my area, but I just lied and said I was better. And since then I've been dealing with anorexia and bulimia. I'm just trying to make excuses to not tell anybody, I think. Although I haven't been cutting recently, I've been really struggling with it, and I deal with suicidal thoughts usually at least once a day.. So, I mean, I think that I have a real problem. If not, I guess I'm just crazy.
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