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  1. I have a very good job now but the problem is my area supervisor has changed and I ended up going home from work crying everyday despite nothing really happened between me and my new area supervisor yet. She is more demanding but still quite okay. I really don't know should I just resign or transfer to another outlet better. I am depressed. I am not the cheerful person whom I used to be again. :(
    Don't worry I am not suicidal. I am just sad. I will be fine.
  2. total eclipse

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    Oh hun do you think medications need to be adjusted or perhaps just talking to someone your therapist may h elp to decrease sadness some. I hope you try to stick it out hun talk toyour supervisor and see what can be done to decrease the stress you are under hugs
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    Is there any way to discuss with someone what you feel? or does she remind you of someone or something that is not directly a part of what is going on? Hope you get your groove back and get running...also what TE said is quite wise (she is so good at knowing those things)