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i just don't understand...

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I was straight all my life. Now, as I hit 13, my mind is going nuts. What the hell am I?! I know i'm straight... my mind just isn't letting me consider what the fuck is going on... i'm shakging... fuckign help me someone!


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You're 13? Wow. You seem extremely self aware and mature for a person your age.

When you're going through puberty you can have a lot of strange feelings like that. Everyone here has been through them.

I really wouldn't worry to much about being "straight" or "gay" yet. Just give it some time. You will find out for sure by the time you are in highschool.


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Ah it was similar with me too, at around 14 i started to like guys too, so much so that i was also feeling quite depressed and didn't know what to do - mainly because of the social consequences. But i do think a lot of people go through a similar phase, still turning out to be completely straight at the end of it. It is because your going through puberty, as the last poster said, you will be having some strange feelings which you may not fully understand right now, but in time you will! It does sound to be that you are under a bit of social pressure, and i think that might be why you are so worried about the possibility of not being straight. You are what you are, and nobody can change that, but you have to let these feelings develop on their own accord! But you wont know exactally until about highschool, yea.*hug By the way, i am bisexual and that is one of the things i can accept about myself right now, so if you want to talk more feel free to pm :)


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It's a phase buddy, it's all in your head . . .
nothing wrong with you, u said you "know" you're straight . .
then stick to it . . . .

EVERYONE has homosexual tendencies, and some are just gay at birth
But the homo tendencies of some ppl may be stronger than others . .
just relax and don't think about it . . sooner or later you'll find out .

I used to somehow "idolize" another guy, but not to the point of . .
sexual arousment . . hehe by idolize i mean i REALLY liked this person coz he understood me . . i stuck to him like glue, but no full gay feelings at all .

maybe it's just your feeling of appreciation . .^^


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I am 22, and I guess I am what some might call a "repressed" bisexual. I definately am attracted to women, every kind of woman, but I know I am attracted to some men, too. I'm not really ashamed of this, because I can't change it. I have felt this way since I went through puberty. I just don't want to outright label myself "bi" or whatever. I can't deal with that kind of thing in my life right now.

Don't worry about your feelings. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, bi, whatever! You can't change it. Even if you are gay, there is nothing wrong with it. It's like hating yourself because you have brown hair or blue eyes. It's beyond your control.
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