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I just felt suicidal again.

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I tried to <edit moderator total eclipse methos> myself but my closet door wouldn't stay closed.

To be real, I just want it all to end.
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You need to be calling crisis line or going to hospital to get some help okay
sign yourself in for a few days get on meds for your depression hun okay don't fight the sadness alone hugs


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You think you are being 'real' but depression messes with the thought process and just makes you think suicide is normal.

Don't try to do this - get some help and tell someone how you feel.

I'm not sure which nation you are in - but USA I guess - but Eagles are a football team in the UK also. They are sh**. But don't kill yourself just over football! (sick joke mate)

Suicide is what men do when they cannot tell anyone how they feel. Its like the suicide will say it all for us! Thing is - by opening up a little and telling someone why you are down - this will help you realise that suicide is something that is a solitary thing. We think about it alone - we think we have no friends who will understand and I know its hard to find one. But family can help - most here tell someone about things - at least even if its three words I have depression - then you are opening up.

Talking to anyone helps - I mean normal talking. Even just cracking some bottles open with a buddy and watching a game on TV can help you. Being alone is the killer - I mean feeling alone! I love being alone most of the time, but feeling alone is a different thing.

What about women? I guess your young - too young to be watching a few rug rats scamper across the living room and marriage and so on! I'm just talking maybe having a bit of fun and enjoying yourself. It can take your mind off things for sure and usually makes me better than a Prozac.

Work or education? Bear in mind life has to be built - you need to be 'something' and if you have any ideas then its worth getting educated so you can actually be whatever you want to be career wise. If you do not know what you want to do - study something with an ology at the end. To be serious though - just study some in demand skill that will always be in demand.

Do some searching around for what makes you happy. Music, art, or maybe joinery, car repairs and maybe other things.

All my friends now relax with their 50 inch TVs, movies and of course - football!

With the football season coming up, my friends all gather, drink beer, smoke weed and shout at the referee. Things like "your fu**** blind" or "that was offside" or "shoot, fu****, shoot, you fu***** stupid b******"

It relaxes them. Its a man thing. I feel OK also.

As for family - what do you have there? I hope a mother at least. Now for her your suicide would hurt her so much that she would wish to be dead.

A son ought to be there for his mother when she is old - for her to bury you is like the worse thing that can happen to her, ever.

Your family matters.When young, not so much - but they are the only ones who would spend every penny they have to save you. For the price of a few therapy sessions - you could be saved.

So get help my friend - don't think being a man means keeping this to yourself. Try to see a doctor at first - but tell us here about WHY you feel this way.

nobody just wants to kill themselves out of the blue. There is always a reason - but I accept that for many this is private and personal. Either way - share here if there is nowhere else.

I share here - and I think people here appreciate it.

I'm messed up like you - but never have tried suicide.

Stick around here and find more of us - I'm not the only one!

Thanks for reading Eagles Fan

PS - is this right...

"I think the eagles need to figure out what they are going to do with Kolb. I believe Kolb is worth a !st and a 2nd, which means we can solve 2 problem positions. I think we need to draft a O lineman, D lineman. I think the eagles need to sign RCB from the Oakland raiders, we played well against the run all year. Some things have to work out for us, and I believe Marlin Jackson, if healthy, will be a bonus player. I think our running game will improve with o line improvement, and the addition of weaver. I hope the eagles keep harrison in the backfield, he was a great compliment to mccoy. But, Cooper is going to have to use his size this year, be more physical, and he will light it up! I hope riley learned from that interception last year, WR who adjust to the ball are worth their weight in gold! And for all of you wondering how a believe Kolb is worth a 1st and 2nd, look what we got for mcnabb last year, and his talents are declining, kolb's are increasing. I hope we trade kolb to a losing team, we need the high 1st round pick to solve our needs. Looks like a great draft for us again, Howie, Andy, and staff, get to working, we need your full attention!"

The above I never wrote!

Hope it is your Eagles!
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